Audio limitations during measurement

Using your iPhone with Beddit snoring detection

The snoring detection feature uses the microphones on your iPhone. While snoring detection is active, some iPhone audio features behave differently.

Snoring detection requires you to grant microphone access to Beddit Sleep Monitor (Model 3.5) on your iPhone. The Beddit app marks fluctuations in noise level but doesn’t store audio (such as speech). When you use snoring detection, you’ll notice these changes in how your iPhone handles audio.

Notification sounds are muted

You won’t hear notification sounds for messages, emails, and other notifications. Depending on your notification settings, you can still see alerts on your Lock screen.

Hey Siri is turned off

If you need to use Siri while snoring detection is active, use the side button or 凯发k8娱乐app下载home button on your iPhone.

System sounds are muted

Keyboard clicks, lock sounds, and other system sounds are silent. This doesn’t affect your ability to use functions that usually make sounds.

You can’t switch audio output

After snoring detection starts, you can’t change your iPhone to play sound through Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or other external devices. If you want to play audio through an external device, select the output before getting into bed.

Other audio features, such as call ringtones, alarms, audio playback through the iPhone speaker, Do Not Disturb, and dictation work as expected.